An Introduction To Boston Poet, Mel Chante

Mel Chante is the poetic mind behind her self-titled blog This 20-something Boston native and Brooklyn transplant is using her wordplay talents to spread uplifting messages and sprinkle positive vibes like confetti. 
“I am a poet, writer and muse. I’m here to share my poetry and sow the seeds of passion, purpose and love into millennials. We all need inspiration every now and then, especially since mediocrity is now the norm. 

“I believe we all have a purpose in life, and that purpose is hidden inside of the talents and gifts we already possess.”
On going for your dreams. 
Mel uses her real-life experiences to motivate and inspire readers to reach their dreams. One of my favorite posts on her blog is How to Take a Leap of Faith which talks about her fulfilling her goal of moving to New York. Everyone has a dream that they are working towards so it’s definitely an article that everyone can relate to.

“We can all pursue the dreams in our hearts, why else would they be there?”

On living in the present
"Dear me, try not to look back, but if you do, do so with a smile. Give gratitude for the gap of growth between the then and the now, the petal-trail of love leading from past to present, thorns and all. You rose to heal despite the downs of falls. Don't you see? Those scars are what make you exquisite.
On reaping what you S.O.W.
“Seeks to enhance the treatment of SELF, OTHERS and the WORLD (S.O.W). Trust me, I know that it can be easy to forget our strength, core purpose and essence as queens in the midst of turning up’s and turning-down-for-what’s. It’s important that we encourage and support each other as women because if not us, then who *bats eyes*?  

"Our only competition is the beautiful person returning our gaze in the mirror.”
On tackling fear head on
Don't be afraid to look fear in its eyes, even when every bone in your body trembles; and they will tremble. recognize the marrows are mirrors reflecting the flame which burns within you. your light, it can drive out any darkness. that is your power. that is your gift. that is who you are. so hold on to it, hold on to you.

So are you ready to join the positive vibes tribe? For your daily dose of inspiration and empowerment, be sure to keep up with Mel on
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