2016 Black Business Holiday Catalog

The holidays are finally among us and with that comes...shopping!
Many of you have already checked out this years ULTIMATE Black Business Guide For Everyone on Your Shopping List with over 500 gift ideas; however, I thought that it would be cool to coordinate a catalog that shows a curated list of some of our favorite businesses.
This holiday shoot was an absolutely blast to do and it also gave us a chance to show that everyone, no matter what ethnicity can buy from and support Black business. Before you go shopping, make sure that each of these businesses are on the list!
For the pdf version of the catalog, click here!
Subscription Box from OURS by Blackjoy
Wooden Bowties, Sunglasses and Watches from Neck of The Woods
Watches from Talley & Twine
Black Power Socks from Kimchi Socks
Skin Products from Olive + Aloe
 Jewelry, Art and Apparel from AndHerStory
Handbags from Gregory Sylvia
Handbags from Tigress Handbags
Apparel and Accessories from Orchids and Spice
Statement Jewelry from Lost Queens
Jewelry from Brave Chick
Beauty Subscription Box from We Are Onyx
Apparel and Accessories from Draped
Apparel and Accessories from Adorned By Chi
Apparel and Accessories from Dope Fein Boutique
Apparel and Accessories from Hillman Bookstore
 Apparel from OriginallyYoung
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