Full-Time RV Living For A Family Of 6: Taking Every Mile by Faith with Aleasha and Kori Brown

by Keila Dumas
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Traveling has been the new hype for the last couple of years. We have seen an increase in Black travel, nationally and internationally creating a buzz for thousands of millennials.

As time went on, something as “free” as traveling began to have rules, guidelines, and “how-tos” that separated the singles from the couples and families who also yearned to embark on new journeys. There seemed to be an influx of think-pieces that insinuated that taking a leap of faith was only meant for the single person or childless married couple. As a parent, I totally disagree. Granted, I have yet to pick up and travel with my daughter and her dad, I can’t think of anyone else that I would love to travel 70 states with (Thanks, Solange).

So this poses the question: Can you really take a leap of faith and travel full-time with a family?

Author Khalil Gibran says that “Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof,” and Quirky, Brown Love has gotten a chance to chat with a family who is seeing the proof of faith.

Meet Aleasha and Kori Brown, a married family of six (that means four kids) who travels the United States by RV. Yes, you read that right, the Brown’s are a family of six that travels the US by recreational vehicle.

On Facebook, you may know their page Every Mile by Faith which is soon to be launched as a blog that will document their travels, and philanthropic adventures while on the road with their family. Now, if you’re thinking that their recreational vehicle means that this is a leisure thing, you’ve thought wrong.
The Browns’ are a full time RV family. That means that they perform daily “family duties” on the road. The perks? Traveling with loved ones. Everyday you see something new, and you get to share these new sceneries and experiences with none other than your family.
Kori and Aleasha took some time to answer a few questions about their journey on the road, and we are so thankful to be able to hear about their life of adventure.

On what sparked their inspiration to travel by RV full-time:
The freedom to move around and be able to see things most people see in magazines,books or on T.V. We wanted to be able to feel free; to not be held down by junk and technology. We wanted to teach our kids to live a minimalist lifestyle and to enjoy it.”
On family reactions:
We had a lot of different opinions. (via Kori) Aleasha's mom was very supportive and wished she was going. Other family members said we were crazy. [They] wanted to know why we would do this? How we were going to make it? (via Aleasha) Kori’s parents still tell us we don't have to live like this that we can live with them. They tell people we are homeless.
On finding alone time:
"This is harder said than done while traveling. We will take turns going to errands. We will do events the RV parks have to offer for that person. Say there is a craft day I will go or football Sunday's he will go. Funny you said individual, because our biggest question we get asked is how we get alone time as a couple since we are in a 400 sq ft. RV that shakes from wind. Haha!"
On the importance of faith:
"This has to be the number one thing we tell every person who asks about our lifestyle. This lifestyle would be nothing without faith. If you don't have faith you will dislike this lifestyle and it wouldn't be worth it. There are many obstacles and fences we have jumped only by having faith have we accomplished them and continue to do."

Make sure to follow the Browns’ journey on social media, and be sure to send them lots of love and light on their ventures!

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