Quirky Tech Talk: The "Fashionably Tech" Edition

Are you ready for your weekly dose of Nerdology? Let's go.

As someone who is immersed in the world of social media and technology, I sometimes forget just how much knowledge I've acquired compared to those who don't have online jobs. Household names to me are still not being recognized on a popular scale.

Therefore, every week I will be putting together features of some quirky creatives and techies that I think are killing the game, as well as some innovative businesses that you should definitely pay attention to. Be prepared to level up your life and expand your knowledge of all of the cool, slightly nerdy things going on online. Class is now in session!

Creators That We Can't Get Enough Of
Devan of DevanOnDeck
If you are looking for an inspiration visual artist to follow on Instagram, look no further than DevanOnDeck. The digital brand strategist pushes the boundaries past reality to craft creative campaigns for today's most innovative brands.
He also teaches an online course called Flight School to help brands and photographers elevate their online brand to the next level. Pretty clever right? Oh yeah, he will also teach you how to look like you're levitating in your photos.

Innovative Business Love
I am absolutely smitten by tech boss, Aniyia Williams, Founder of Tinsel. Tinsel is a tech and fashion fusion company and their debut product is The Dipper, a necklace that transforms into headphones. 
The Dipper helps women everywhere listen to music in style and the carefully engineered design trades in tangled wires for a stylish necklace.

Tinsel is designed for women, by women. (#FWBW....no? Okay, at least I tried it).

Aurelius With The Links
By now, many of you are becoming familiar with my photographer, Joshua Aurelius Galloway of Aurelius Creates.

Joshua is not only a photographer, but also a brand identity graphic designer and the co-owner of a wooden bow-tie e-commerce shop, Neck of The Woods.

Therefore, I decided to bring on this fellow creative entrepreneur to help you stay in the know of what is going on in the world of technology, photography and graphic design.

Links Of The Week:

Thanks for tuning in to this week's Quirky Tech Talk. See you next week for your dose of nerdology.

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