The ULTIMATE Black Business Gift Guide For Everyone on Your Shopping List (Over 500 Ideas!)

T'is the season to shop Black-owned, fa la la la la la la la la.

While we hope that you have been shopping Black-owned businesses all year round thanks to our guide on how to shop Black-owned businesses for everyday life and last year's gift guide, we know that the holidays are when we are all a little less frugal.
This year, we have added over 300 more businesses since last year's list and we have added more visuals to help you window shop before you make your purchase.

All of the businesses on this list are Black-owned businesses, most of which are also small businesses. Whether you are Black, White, Asian, Latinx, Native American or multiracial, you can support small business. Let's make a difference this holiday season!
Black Owned Electronics /Tech Gifts

Best Black-Owned Games
Overall Best Gifts For Dad

1. Watches from Talley & Twine
2. Subscription from Dapper Black Box
3. Neckwear, Lapel Pins and Accessories from Harrison Blake Apparel
4. Black Power Socks from Kimchi Socks
5. A shaving kit from Bevel
6. Body Elixirs (Fragrance) from Gavin Luxe
7. Oxfords and Leather Belts from Michael Grey Footwear
8. The Fitbit in collaboration with Public School
9. Loc and Beard oil from Khemistree Naturals
10. Rubs and Sauces from Essie Spice

Overall Best Gifts For Mom

1. Spiritual Tees from Wonderfully Made Company
2. Handbags from Gregory Sylvia
3. Jewelry from Mombasa (Save using code QBLSAVE20)
4. Dainty + African Jewelry from Lola Ade
5. Hair and Body Butter from Belle Butters
6. Printed Clutches from Double Clutched
7. Infusion Water Tracking Bottles from Femme Fitale Fit Club
8. Jewelry from CanDid Art Accessories
9. Skin Products from Jacq’s Organics
10. Nail Polish from Pear Nova

Overall Best Gifts For Husband/Boyfriend
1.Wooden Watches from SPGBK Watches
2. Oxfords and Leather Belts from Michael Grey Footwear
3. Beard Kit Bundle from It’s Da Balm
4. Wooden Bowties, Sunglasses and Watches from Neck of The Woods
5. The recipe book No Cheats Needed from FitMenCook
6. Body Elixirs (Fragrance) from Gavin Luxe
7. Sportcoats and Footwear from Isaiah Hemmingway
8. Totes and Travel Bags from Mifland
9. Book A Flight With A Layaway Plan from Airfordable
10. Neckwear, Cufflinks and Lapel Pins from My Suited Life

Overall Best Gifts For Wife/Girlfriend
1. Dainty + African Jewelry from Lola Ade
2. Apparel and Accessories from Orchids and Spice
3. Subscription Box from OURS by Blackjoy
4. Activewear from EleVen by Venus
5. Jewelry from Brave Chick
6. Apparel and Accessories from Draped
7. Handbags from Tigress Handbags
8. Apparel from Lovello Elizabeth
9. Apparel from AleroJasmine
10. Clutches from Love, Cortnie
11. Cosmetics from Tajj Cosmetics

Overall Best Gifts For Sisters, Cousins and Friends

1. Beauty Subscription Box from We Are Onyx
Apparel and Accessories from Dope Fein Boutique
3. Apparel and Accessories from Couture Mannequin
4. Accessories from Vinti Couture
5. Jewelry, Art and Apparel from AndHerStory
6.  Statement Jewelry from Lost Queens
7. Apparel from OriginallyYoung
8. Apparel and Accessories from Adorned By Chi
9. Skin Products from Beija-Flor Naturals
10. Skin Products from Olive + Aloe
11. Hair products from Wondercurl
12. Beauty products by Beauty by Africa Miranda
13. Scrub Butters and Soaps from Smoosh

Overall Best Gifts For Brothers, Cousins and Friends
1. Wooden Bowties, Sunglasses and Watches from Neck of The Woods
2. Tees from Black on Black
3. T-shirts from LAYOP
4. T-shirts from Educated Hustler
5. Bluetooth Headphones, Buttons from
6. Duffle bags from CHRiS CARDi
7. Grooming Kit from Solo Noir
8. Tea from Trill Tea
9. Bowties from Knotted

    Overall Best Gifts For College Students, Bloggers and/or Entrepreneurs
    1. Socks and Bowties from GC Kollection
    2. Apparel and Accessories from Hillman Bookstore
    3. Paper Goods, Apparel and Gifts from Red Velvet Paperie
    4. Apparel and Accessories from Couture Mannequin
    5. Longboards and Apparel from The Rad Black Kids
    6. Wooden Glasses and Sunglasses from Bohten
    7. Tees from The Musichead Collection
    8. Gold Jewelry from Gxld Room
    9. Pins from Radical Dreams Pins
    10. Spiritual Tees from Reign Fresh

    Best Gifts For New Apartment Renters and Home Buyers
    Overall Best Gifts For Preteens
    1. 80s Video Game Pillows from domesticDEEVAH
    2. Audio Necklace from Tinsel
    3. Bluetooth Headphones, Buttons from
    4. Lotions and Body Sprays from Angels and Tomboys
    5. B.R.U.H. (Black Renditions of Universal Heroes) Coloring Book
    6. Bowties from Mo’s Bows
    7. Inspiration book You Got This from Kid Entrepreneur, Maya Penn
    8. Inspiration Journals from Petales And Pretties
    9. Candles from Super Business Girl
    10. Tees from The Musichead Collection
    11. Apparel and Accessories from Adorned By Chi
    12. Longboards and Apparel from The Rad Black Kids
    Overall Best Gifts For Young Children
    1. Dolls from My Muse Dolls
    2. Pillows, Dolls and Temporary Tattoos from Deseta
    3. Baby Shoes from Bella Simone
    4. STEM Book, Noa The Little Scientist
    5. Mermaid apparel and prints from Ariya the Mermaid
    6. Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten from Darlyng & Co
    7. Dolls, backpacks, and luggage from Pretty Brown Girl
    8. Baby apparel from CutieBumps
    9. T-shirts from Chatterbox Baby

    Best Gifts For Neighbors, Associates and Coworkers

    Best Gift Wrap, Stationery and Holiday Gear

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