Why Every Andre 3000 Needs An Early 2000s Big Boi To Bring Them Down From Mars

Don't lie. You know that when you really think about the duo of street smart Big Boi and stellar galactic Andre 3000 that is Outkast, you wonder how the hell they became friends.
For all of the alternative Black kids out there that grew up not fitting the mold of what society calls "Black", you know how much we were ridiculed by other Black people, including family members and peers that may have even resembled Big Boi physically. People assumed that we either wanted to be white, wanted to only date white people, or just grew up in an area that didn't require street smarts. Our eclectic wardrobe, lust for face piercings, punk rock hair and alternative music tastes were the exact opposite of what people thought it meant to be Black. 
If you went to high school during the era where everyone thought that it was so cool to be in a gang, you definitely know this to be true. 

Even through all of this, however, everyone still loved Andre 3000. The psychedelic legend is known for the futuristic sound and progressive lyrics that he brought to Outkast. He met Big Boi during high school in the early 90s and shortly after they were signed and produced their first album that went platinum. After the success of the first rap album, the duo took a risk with the following albums ATLien and  Aquemini to bring a new sound to rap. 
As professor and Afrofuturist, Howard Rambsy II describes it, "the funkadelic, futuristic, and seemingly unfamiliar, weird, or eccentric persona projected by AndrĂ© 3000 creates the chance to transcend the more pronounced characterizations of gangstas and pimps so regularly assumed by black men rap artists." While this may be true, there are a few words that stick out to me; unfamiliar, weird, eccentric
I'll admit it. In most of my friendships, I'm the Andre 3000 to their Big Boi. I'm the girl that always needs to be told the dress code because I will show up in knee high stockings, corduroy overalls and pigtails to the club otherwise. 

Although I used to be ashamed of the music that I listened to, now I will proudly bump the latest indie rock jam in my car and dare you to turn to the next song.  I'm a proud member of an NPHC sorority, yet some people are shocked to find this out  because of the stigmas that they have produced in their own heads. While I am like this, I don't expect my friends to be any different than who they are and they don't expect anything different of me. That's what makes us work.
If left to my own demise, I don't know where I'd be right now. I'd probably be off running around with some gypsies half naked, petting lambs and spreading the message of Black love and unity near and far. I would be up in Mars.

 Luckily the "Big Boi's" in my life have helped me hone that ideal self into a persona and outlet that can better appeal to the masses. Without the Big Boi's in my life, Quirky, Brown Love might not exist.
Who are the Big Boi's in your life? They are the people in your life that serve you a hunking slice of reality while still accepting you as you develop your creative self. They're the people that check you before you leave the house by asking, "um, what the hell are you wearing" but then are ready to throw them hands if anyone tries to talk about you when you go out. 
They are the people who are more in tuned to popular trends than you are but will still vibe with you  every now and again to the alternative rock song that pops up on your playlist. They do little things that show you that they are curious and accepting of your lifestyle. They are the people that would rather be at a K. Michelle concert, but will still support you and help you get ready for Comicon, and maybe even go with you. They are the people that will still show up to your events even though it is not their scene.
There is the false assumption that every friend that you have should be just like you; however, this is not the case. They should instead be a reflection of you.
If you are open-minded enough to be the Andre 3000 in your various circles of friends, you should surround yourself around people that are open-minded enough to love, accept and look out for you, as Big Boi did with Andre 3000. 
So tell me: are you the early 2000s Big Boi in somebody's life?
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